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MJ’Z ENTERPRISES and “ALL” its affiliated companies will not be held responsible or liable for the discolouring of photo's or paper printed collages or the fading of signatures on you collectables.

All signatures obtained by our company and affiliated companies have been on quality materials to assist in the preservation of your collection.

If items have been tampered with for any reason our warranty on the item purchased will be cancelled.

Holograms on your collectable OR number placed by our company and its affiliated companies MUST NOT BE REMOVED
We STRONGLY recommend that your collectables be positioned from:

  • Direct Light
  • Heating & Cooling Appliances
  • Moist & Damp areas

Changes in the temperature will affect the way your collectables appears within the frame, these conditions are the responsibility of the person purchasing the item.

All care is taken when obtaining verification of all our collectables from all our suppliers and contacts but cannot be held liable if your item purchased is found to be non genuine.

If you have any problems with the piece of collectable you have purchased PLEASE contact our office on 1800 76 55 44

PO BOX 9190
QLD 4217